Dear plus size men,

The women’s fashion industry changed because we spoke up. We demanded a change. We refused to wear shapeless frumpy clothing. It was an insult. It was as if the designers and clothing companies, by not making things in our size, were saying we weren’t good enough to represent their best work. I know you are familiar with this feeling, because that is exactly what is happening to you right now. There is however, far too much commiserating and trying to just deal with what is being handed to you. 

I am encouraging men to stand up for themselves. You cannot just complain that there is nothing out there for you, and then continue to do the bare minimum of work to change it. All it takes is some diligent emailing, some letters, and petitions. No one is going to fight your battles for you. I can help, but I’m not a majority of the demographic. Sure we women can argue that we’d like to buy our boyfriends or husbands a certain type of style, but if the men aren’t backing us up by saying ’ yes that’s what we want’, then nothing is going to change. 

When was the last time you contacted a clothing company asking for clothing in your size? When was the last time you contacted a clothing company and asked why they don’t have plus size male models to display their plus size male clothing? Or why their plus size clothing isn’t available in stores? When was the last time you started a petition for these things? I’m not trying to come of as if I’m scolding anyone, just trying to open your eyes a little more. Encourage you all to be more fierce in standing up for yourselves. 

Many in the fashion industry have said themselves that ‘there is no demand’ and that, ‘if there was a demand then things would change’. So start demanding! Do you want to just ‘settle’? Don’t you guys think you deserve to be comfortable and easily express yourselves in a fashionable way? I do. I’m backing you up 100%, I want to see 100% coming from you guys in the fight for a change in the industry.


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Posted on Monday, 25 June
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