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Would you happen to know of some good clothing websites for chubby/big guys?

Sounds like a great video for our YouTube channel. Hmmm….


Remember that flannel shirt I kept talking about that I got from HB Clothing Company? Well, guess what. Product Review. It’s about time, right? Also covered in this video are some super secret plans that Abigail and I have been hatching in our dungeons. Intrigued? You should be. And don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube if you haven’t already!

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Hey guys! I so love CGS! I haven’t been able to submit like I want to cause I been so busy! But here we go
In this outfit- Camo tie, Macy’s
Metalic kicks, rocawear, size 12
Skinny jeans, sports zone, size 44w
Varsity sweater, available from my line “Bebow Fashions” size 2x
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i feel like my bf might belong here

Argyle Sweater 2XL

Black Button Up

Charcoal Tie

Lookin Dapper

Here I am in all my glory.  Working on my self esteem.  It’s a long road but I am ready to make this journey.

Submission from therobmilton.

Out in Hampshire yesterday and found a bandana that gave us some Vietnam flashbacks. Give me a follow and I’ll follow you back! :)

Just a simple College Outfit. 

Stripped Thermal: Old Navy XL 

Slim fit khakis: American Eagle 44X32 (Extended sizes sold online) 

Burgundy Vans.


NEW POST!! ‘What to wear -2013’ 


This blog is super informative, full of great product descriptions, and the guy who runs it is a pretty neat guy. Give it a look.

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What’s up swaggers!! It’s been a while!! In this pic… My favorite Cardigan- 2x from H&M, Purple pants- 42w, I made them, Sh. Come by and see me sometimesirt- 2x, thrifted, Boots-12, Marshalls. Come by and say hi sometimes