SIGNAL BOOST: My poc-safe, queer-posi, body-posi, disabled folk-safe art project.

Introducing… Amateur Artists Connection!

This was something I thought up back in October and asked a couple other bloggers  (Rimadeer [and gracelizabetty possibly]) to help me with my little project. I ended up becoming too busy with school to even think about it but now that I’m on break, I can! So… here it is!

The mission statement goes as follows…

The purpose of this blog is to unite local amateur and aspiring models, photographers, fashion designers, makeup artists and any other purveyors of creative mediums in a fat positive, queer positive, anti-racist and anti-ableist environment. Many people who are of color, queer, fat, disabled, or just plain broke to afford creative services, are unrepresented in this medium, and this blog seeks to do its part by fixing that under-representation in the modeling industry.”

Please please PLEASE check it out and reblog, we really want to garner interest to bring folks together. Also, see if you’d like to submit.


Ya know. It’s whatever.

Hey fellas. Discovered this blog a few days ago, saw a lot of chino loving, so I went out and bought a few pairs today. Thanks!

I’ve got a pretty weird body shape, much bigger at the bottom, so I’m not sure if this submission will go through, but so it goes.

Button-up: Target (size medium)

Pants: Primark (size 38)

Beanie also from Primark

Hey again, friends! Thought I’d submit this since it’s been a while.

T-shirt is from, and I picked this cardigan up yesterday for 8€ in River Island in the sale. Starting to really get into wearing more stuff like this. Hopefully 2013 will be the year that I get to dress more stylishly! Thanks guys, and happy new year!

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Best of 2012: Zach’s Picks.

Hello, all. First and foremost, let me wish you all a very happy new year. I hope everyone had a stellar 2012 and that 2013 is just as fruitful. 2012 was a great year for CGS. Abigail, our co-admin, turned out to be a very resourceful, intuitive addition to the CGS team and she helped bring this blog to the next level. Much of this past year’s success is due to her hard efforts and drive to make this community a welcoming and insightful one. 2012 also saw our first Q+A with a plus size clothing manufacturer and an accompanying editorial to boot. We also kickstarted our YouTube channel, ChubbyGuySwagTV, which we look forward to doing more with in 2013. And let’s not forget the slew of splendid submissions from CGS followers across the globe. These were my Top 5 for this year (in no particular order):

DylanDarko on 24 May 2012: This user has graced CGS with his presence on a few occasions. This submission, however, was superlative. The choice of colors in both the shirt and tie combined with the choice to roll up the sleeves of his jacket as if he Don Johnson on ‘Miami Vice’ made this outfit stand out.

Johnathan Rondina on 6 June 2012: Johnathan Rondina, who also goes by the moniker lifeontheplusside, is a follower and frequent submitter who hails from the Phillipines. This outfit stood out because of John’s eye for detail when it comes to color coordination and choice of accessories.

KennyZambonini on 10 July 2012: This year was a good year for graphic tees. In fact, graphics in general seemed to be really popular. Patterns became big again. Things got interesting. This submission, which has a dash of self-ascribed irony, had all of this and more going for it.

Hehasfreckles on 21 October 2012: Nothing beats a classafrass. Nothing. This submission wasn’t screaming classy, it was blaring it from a sound system at a rave reserved for the fatshion community. The bow-tie is crucial. The chinos are choice. But what really pulled this together was the grey blazer which fit him perfectly (especially at the cuff).

Fanufactured on 4 October 2012: Fanufactured became one of our biggest - and most interesting - submitters in 2012. All of his submissions have joined the century club (submissions with 100 notes or more) and he always has an extremely personal, very unique twist on each of his outfits. He truly emits a sense of taste and personality which is what swag is all about. This post, in particular, has great use of color, classic accoutrements, and a killer pair of loafers.

What caught your eye in 2012?

Height: 6’7, Weight 330, Waist 42 36L

Happpppppy New Year!

Went to a New Year’s Eve party tonight and thought you guys might like to see my outfit. My sweater is easily the most worn article of clothing in my entire wardrobe - I got it from Old Navy in 2007, and it’s a 2X. The shirt is from a store in Houston called SuitMart (it’s oddly a 6X - sizing in that store is incredibly inconsistent), my bowtie is thrifted (and SPARKLY GOLD. 2013, yall. Year of sparkly neckwear) and my lion hat is an old gift.

Happy 2013, ya’ll!

Shirt from target 2xl, glasses from Geek eyewear. For more of me and my photography, follow me here!

Stylish, even on stage. 

Lucky 13 sweater vest, plain old navy tshirt, dickies work shorts, macbeth eliot shoes. Custom Jaguar bass.

I’m Dan, 23, an English gentleman. This was me at my best friend’s wedding earlier this month. Spent half a month’s wages on a brand new charcoal grey suit, purple waistcoat, & tie with a nice white shirt. Felt brilliant! «« me!

Thanks for having a look :)

XL All Round Clothing Sailor sweater: £7.99

40R Straight leg jeans from NEXT: £30

Polo Ralph Lauren glasses: (with prescription lenses because I’m blind) £240

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“The Justice” is a magazine I wanted to create for the sole purpose that I have never seen anything like it. For the longest time I would complain about there not being a male modeling industry. Yes commercially for stores that specialize in larger men’s clothing but nothing like this. Chubby, husky, big, large whatever word you may use. The industry doesn’t exist to exhibit our beauty. With my magazine I want that to exist. A place where we can express ourselves and show off our beauty. This magazine is pure submission based. If you’re interested in submitting send me an email at Submit a set of photos usually 3-7 in a set and I’ll credit you and put you in the magazine. I want this to be, big men’s fashion, I want it to be edgy, I want it to be art. Contact me and we can talk more. 


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