Jacket: Levis Commuter Denim Jacket XL
Pants: Levis 510 super skinnys 36x30
Shirt & Shoes: thrifted

Hello CGS!

My name is Dustin Buck and I am the founder and director of Vintage:Nine Studios, a fashion film and photography studio located just outside of Dallas Texas.

I wanted to take a brief moment and tell you how thrilled I am to see this current movement in men’s fashion - A movement that you and all your wonderful followers and submitters are contributing to.

I myself am a chubby guy, always have been, probably always will be and that’s just fine with me. However working with modeling agencies and designers I am constantly reminded not only of how lacking men’s fashion is in comparison to women’s but I am also reminded - in my own industry - that I do not ‘fit’ in.

Men’s fashion is evolving before our eyes. We’re shifting back to our vintage roots and creating, from our lack of options, our own styles and looks.

It’s a beautiful thing!

This movement must continue. The only way the industry will accept and meet the demands of the plus size men is to put that market out there.

We have to show the industry that we care and that we look damn good doing it.

Dress for yourself, dress to smile and to be comfortable. The clothes can help, but that great personality is what will win ‘em over in the end.

This is my first submission and I can only hope to see this blog grow.

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The wardrobe pictured is a $15 outfit all thrifted in a single visit.

Jacket - 44R
Shirt - X Large
Slacks - 36/30


Nick Offerman’s 10 Tips for a Prosperous Life:

1.  Engage in romantic love
2.  Say “please” & “thank you”
3.  Carry a handkerchief
4.  Eat red meat
5.  Get a hobby
6.  Go outside
7.  Don’t look in the mirror — avoid them
8.  Maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ (if it’s getting you sex)
9.  Use intoxicants
10.  Paddle your own canoe

A lovely 5 minutes of your time simply for the suit he’s wearing alone.


My Redwing Classics came in finally!!! 

Sweater XL Old Navy

Shirt 17 1/2 Pronto Uomo

Jeans 38/32 Gap Slim

Boots Size 10.5 Redwing Classic



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ADVICE: Where can chubby/big guys find cool clothes?

It’s well worth the wait. Here’s some suggestions and insight on options for the chubby/fat/husky/Zach Galifianakis-sized male looking for hip, trendy, and good looking clothes.

Keep it classy.


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Bring in the new year right. With fur and a smile #bestoftheday #ootd #ootn #Nye #newyearseve #2013 #fur #vintage #denim #bowtie #gaybear

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This is a submission we received via e-mail from CGS follower Rafael Juarez:

I am not classy, but its cleaned up a bit.

Leather jacket was bought in the Los Angeles fashion district ($50), t-shirt is from LAX ($25), boots are Harley ($150), wallet and chain ($22), bandana ($1), spike bracelet is from Hot Topic ($22). The guitar is an Ibanez RX series.

I don’t know about you, but this guy brings the idea of a rock and roll attitude to a whole new level. You can find his blog here.

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Some of the most typical collars on this season’s best designer shirts.

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Outfit of the Day. 1 Feb 2013. HAPPY FATSHION FEBRUARY!

Blazer - Thrifted, 46 S.

Holy Fuck! v-neck t-shirt - Bought at a show, L.

Bow-Tie - Penguin by Munsingwear via Nordstrom Rack

Shirt - Thrifted, XL.


On last night’s episode of GLEE, they addressed the issue of men and  how they are capable of having doubts about their body. This is actually pretty unexpected considering the show, until now, has only really focused on female body image (Lauren Zizes, Mercedes Jones, and Wade Adams) and male body image, to this point, has been essentially a non-issue (not surprising considering “men with chiseled abs” are the ideal “men” in American society and most of the men on GLEE are, well, chiseled).

However, with this recent episode, it seems that Ryan Murphy and the creative team are finally getting around to addressing the problem that is becoming more and more apparent: there are men, in fact, who have doubts and worries about their bodies. And those men should have a voice. Because not every guy is confident about their body and society needs to stop assuming that male body image is a non-issue.*

What are your thoughts on this?

(*However, male body image issues are less of an issue than the standards American society expects from women)

ADVICE: Where can chubby/big guys find cool clothes?

It’s well worth the wait. Here’s some suggestions and insight on options for the chubby/fat/husky/Zach Galifianakis-sized male looking for hip, trendy, and good looking clothes.

Keep it classy.