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24, San Jose, Ca. Most of my clothes are purchased at Nordstrom rack and Nordstrom but I also like thrift shops and such. My favorite articles of clothing are on my feet, socks and shoes. Check out his Instagram for more great fashion posts @sirmichaeldamico.

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Fatshion February: February 7th

Pattern explosion! Though I’ve long been all about solids, I’ve started dabbling in patterns in the last year or so and here I’ve mashed 4 (5 if you count the cap) all into one outfit. Given that the most extreme pattern is the gingham on the dress shirt, this is nothing radical, but still a bit jarring in a way I enjoy. Sorry for the moray pattern on the dress shirt. One of the perils of checks. Its not on the full versions.

Specs: SEE | Shirt: Geoffrey Beene | Tie: Macy’s | Suit: Men’s Wearhouse | Vest: Old Navy | Flatcap: J. Crew

Jacket: Levi black denim commuter XL

Pants: 36x30 Levi Black 510 Super Alumnus

Shoes: Topman

Shirt: XL Thrifted

Shirt from Dillard’s.  No button micro-fiber polo.


I stopped into the Chado Ralph Rucci showroom and found the cape of my dreams. 

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Melissa McCarthy, Rex Reed, and Fat Shaming is Absolutely Not Okay.

This video isn’t part of the CGS YouTube channel - it’s from my personal vlog - but I think the message is pretty universal. Hollywood has some pretty distorted views about bodies and sometimes this silly obsession with  the “ideal” becomes so absurd that someone in the biz oversteps their boundaries.

Watch as I analyze the most recent misstep in the film industry and try to make sense of it all.

Keep it classy!


I work For Levis so that’s a huge part of my wardrobe

jacket: Levi Denim Xl

Jeans: Sea dragon 511 skinnys 36x30

Boots: f orever 21 size 12

TW: body image, body politics

Made a photo of this because I got something in my ask about getting this in photo form. So here you go, CGS.

lipsonface asked:
is this to encourage people to lose weight or commend them for gluttony? Just curious.

First of all, it should never be another person’s job to encourage someone to lose weight. That is entirely up to the individual to decide and that all comes down to what their own personal relationship is with their body which, to be quite frank, would never be any of my business much like how my personal relationship with my body is none of your business nor is it your job to tell me what to do with my body seeing as it’s mine. As the founder and co-admin of this blog, I feel it would be negligent and a sign of gross disrespect to my followers to even fathom those actions as appropriate.

Now, onto that snarky bit that you added. About whether or not I “commend them [my followers and those who submit] for gluttony.” This is a body positive blog for plus size men i.e. men, the majority of whom, do not fit culture’s idea of the “ideal man” (which, to be absolutely honest, is an absolute mockery of the human experience as there should be no qualifiers for what makes an “ideal man”). Your question is not only disrespectful and condescending, but it completely goes against the idea of body positivity and it upsets me that you would take the time out of your day to disrupt a safe space like this one even if it’s just a little bit. And it doesn’t upset me because you tried to hurt my feelings or because you were trying to be rude or whatever. It upsets me because in a world where more important things are happening, you felt like this was the right thing to do and it was a good expenditure of your time and it really wasn’t.

Keep it classy.


Jacket: Levis Commuter Denim Jacket XL
Pants: Levis 510 super skinnys 36x30
Shirt & Shoes: thrifted

Hello CGS!

My name is Dustin Buck and I am the founder and director of Vintage:Nine Studios, a fashion film and photography studio located just outside of Dallas Texas.

I wanted to take a brief moment and tell you how thrilled I am to see this current movement in men’s fashion - A movement that you and all your wonderful followers and submitters are contributing to.

I myself am a chubby guy, always have been, probably always will be and that’s just fine with me. However working with modeling agencies and designers I am constantly reminded not only of how lacking men’s fashion is in comparison to women’s but I am also reminded - in my own industry - that I do not ‘fit’ in.

Men’s fashion is evolving before our eyes. We’re shifting back to our vintage roots and creating, from our lack of options, our own styles and looks.

It’s a beautiful thing!

This movement must continue. The only way the industry will accept and meet the demands of the plus size men is to put that market out there.

We have to show the industry that we care and that we look damn good doing it.

Dress for yourself, dress to smile and to be comfortable. The clothes can help, but that great personality is what will win ‘em over in the end.

This is my first submission and I can only hope to see this blog grow.

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The wardrobe pictured is a $15 outfit all thrifted in a single visit.

Jacket - 44R
Shirt - X Large
Slacks - 36/30


Nick Offerman’s 10 Tips for a Prosperous Life:

1.  Engage in romantic love
2.  Say “please” & “thank you”
3.  Carry a handkerchief
4.  Eat red meat
5.  Get a hobby
6.  Go outside
7.  Don’t look in the mirror — avoid them
8.  Maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ (if it’s getting you sex)
9.  Use intoxicants
10.  Paddle your own canoe

A lovely 5 minutes of your time simply for the suit he’s wearing alone.


My Redwing Classics came in finally!!! 

Sweater XL Old Navy

Shirt 17 1/2 Pronto Uomo

Jeans 38/32 Gap Slim

Boots Size 10.5 Redwing Classic



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ADVICE: Where can chubby/big guys find cool clothes?

It’s well worth the wait. Here’s some suggestions and insight on options for the chubby/fat/husky/Zach Galifianakis-sized male looking for hip, trendy, and good looking clothes.

Keep it classy.