#fatfeb #fatshion #fatshionfebruary Day 24.

Just a head’s up.


I am gonna be liveblogging the Oscars tomorrow night during the ceremony. So if you want some laughs, some sass, and a lot of swear words, come hang out on by blog.


You said it, Mr. Z. You said it.

The liveblogging should start at around 7 just in time for the red carpet/pre-show/smile-and-wave-show. Just an fyi.


@chubbycartwheels male model. *swoon*

ADVICE: Health. TW: Body image, body acceptance.

In this episode of Chubby Guy Swag TV, I discussed healthiness. Someone sent in a message to our inbox regarding our lack of addressing healthy behaviors on the blog and I felt like it was too important to put on the back burner. So I was compelled to make a video.

Keep it classy.


This is an e-mail submission we received from a CGS follower in Malaysia:

Greetings Zach and Abigail.

I’m Ilyas from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and I stumbled upon your blog while I was at work. It’s a superb one, not to mention that it’s the only one where plus-size men are the models. Screw Zoolander and his minions.

Here are some photos of me and I hope its good enough to be in the blog.

Have a good one.

Help Needed - Project About Misrepresentation in Popular Media

I’m currently starting a project at University were we are asked to make an archive/collection book, and I am making my book on the subject of Characters We Want To See In Film/TV/Comics etc (That Do Not Get The Representation They Deserve)

Representation of people of more varying body types is one of the things that I am looking into, since I know it’s a big issue in Hollywood.

I’m collecting quotes from people what they think need to change in the film industry, and what kind of stories and characters they want see that I am then going to assemble into a book on why a wider inclusion is important. The book will be available online as a free PDF when it’s finished.

I’m sure the followers of this blog has alot to say about this, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you wish to help, you can either leave a comment on the original post HERE or send me an ask HERE.

roadxzombie asked:
I was wondering where the guys on here get flannels, im 5'11/6feet and around 280, size 2x and the only place with flannels that fit me well is walmart but i think i have all theirs haha.

HB clothing recently gave Zach a flannel shirt that he raves about all the time. (

Simply Be (which I shop frequently online) sells fantastic plus size clothing for both women and men. They have some flannel. (



This was taken during my B2B set with DJ Dirty Panda last night at Dock Street in downtown Annapolis.

This will be the last one of the day. I promise. I wanted to highlight Perry Galloway who goes by the moniker of DJ Dirty Panda. He knows a lot about style, he’s really cool, and he helps me out with a ton of stuff. And is that an OBEY t-shirt? Yeah. It is.


DJ Fatshion Moment. #NoShame #zacheser #plussize #DJEserBunny #fatshion

I just finished DJing a set with DJ Dirty Panda at Dock Street in Downtown Annapolis. This is what I wore.


Meet Michael D’Amico!

24, San Jose, Ca. Most of my clothes are purchased at Nordstrom rack and Nordstrom but I also like thrift shops and such. My favorite articles of clothing are on my feet, socks and shoes. Check out his Instagram for more great fashion posts @sirmichaeldamico.

Bebowfashions has the socks that will turn up any outfit!!! Email me for more info!


Fatshion February: February 7th

Pattern explosion! Though I’ve long been all about solids, I’ve started dabbling in patterns in the last year or so and here I’ve mashed 4 (5 if you count the cap) all into one outfit. Given that the most extreme pattern is the gingham on the dress shirt, this is nothing radical, but still a bit jarring in a way I enjoy. Sorry for the moray pattern on the dress shirt. One of the perils of checks. Its not on the full versions.

Specs: SEE | Shirt: Geoffrey Beene | Tie: Macy’s | Suit: Men’s Wearhouse | Vest: Old Navy | Flatcap: J. Crew

Jacket: Levi black denim commuter XL

Pants: 36x30 Levi Black 510 Super Alumnus

Shoes: Topman

Shirt: XL Thrifted

Shirt from Dillard’s.  No button micro-fiber polo.


I stopped into the Chado Ralph Rucci showroom and found the cape of my dreams. 

(Source: brandonandcorbin)