Hi my name is jamar and I just spent a dapper day in downtown Atlanta


Fatshion Whenever: March 10th

Specs: SEE | Shirt: Geoffrey Beene | Sweater: Merona | Tie: Macy’s | Slacks: The Gap | Blazer: Men’s Wearhouse | Coat: Black Rivet | Bowler Hat: Goorin Bros. | Shoes: Rockport

Sometimes life calls for a bowler hat. And that call is a good call.

so, just wanted to submit this because i look kewt 2daaay. BUT, help a bro out, what shoes should i wear with this?
P.S you help me out with body image issues so much, and uagh, this blog is perfection.

The submitter of this really cool, laid back look needs help deciding on a shoe for his outfit. Any ideas? Contact him here.

This is a very exciting opportunity for some members of the CGS community.

We all love fashion here at CGS. After all, it’s a blog catered to men with an interest in great looking clothes and living a swank lifestyle. Well, earlier today I received an awesome e-mail from a representative at Tailor4Less. It read:

A fresh initiative for fashion designers to get themselves known.

An online custom clothing retailer launched a contest for fashion designers to choose the designer of its new Men’s Shirts collection.

In this contest, they ask participants to submit up to 3 shirt designs using their user friendly 3D designer (http://www.tailor4less.com/en-us/men/custom-dress-shirts/configure) and people can vote the ones they like the most.

The contest ends by midnight on March 11th and they are going to choose one of the 3 most voted designs in order for its designer to create their new Men’s Shirts collection. The cool thing about it is that they are going promote his or her name in their website and through their marketing campaigns as well as paying them a commission on sales.

To participate, they just ask to provide evidence of previous works such as own collections, awards, collaborations in fashion shows, etc.

Here is the link to participate: http://www.crowdtogether.com/design-our-new-men-shirts-collection. Remember that you have until midnight on March 11th!

What do you guys think? Awesome opportunity or what! Be sure to take advantage.

Keep it classy,


lookgoodshootstraight-deactivat asked:
What is up with mens clothing sizing? I wear a size 42 or 44 depending on what brand or cut I'm buying but I can't find them ANYWHERE except the occasional online store. "Regular" sizes always go up to 40 and Big and Tall sizes start at 46, am I in limbo?

What’s up is either, suppliers are ignoring consumers or men are settling for less. The more we make a fuss and the more you bigger guys take part in the body positive movement the faster fashionable plus size clothing becomes available to BOTH genders.

I think guys are put on the back burner because we plus size women are mainly seen as a fetish of sorts and a lot of people are okay with allowing us fashionable clothing (a.k.a tight, low cut, figure flattering clothing) because it not only makes us more sexually appealing for men but makes us appear to be less of what some might think is ‘an eye sore’ by the media’s odd standards and ideals of beauty.

This is all why it is very important you guys take part in sites like chubbyguyswag. We gain more and more followers everyday and put the message out there that you guys need clothes. Clothing is a necessity and no one should have to settle for wearing something that they aren’t comfortable or happy in.


mycognitivebehaviour asked:
Howdy! You've probably had this asked of you a BAZILLION times, but do you know any good online shopping based on (simple) fashion for us big guys? I'm JUST above average when it comes to...well...everything... and it frustrates me that I don't fit in clothes provided by most shops. I'm either too big or JUST too small, ya know? Thanks! You're awesome!

Made a video just for that! Click here. It’s on our YouTube channel.

Keep it classy.



SAD FACE. (And in that moment, I swear we were all fatshionistas)

That aside, why does Fatshion need to be relegated to one month out of the year? Why can’t every month be a time celebrate and share our fully embodied style with the Tumblrverse/Twitterverse/Assorted other “-verses”? Good questions to ask.

Which is why I am making a proposition: every month from this day forward shall be a time for plus size men (and women) to show off their swag. If you agree, use the hashtag "Fatshion Forever" in your posts. You will see this tag on the CGS submission page immediately.

Make sure you share this with your friends, fans, followers, homeskillets, Broseph Stalins, and the like. And, as always, keep it classy.




Fatshion Febuary day twenty five!!!!
Cant believe this monthbis almost over!!!

Ok so when this guy first submitted to Bigguyflyy I forgot to tag his pic! I felt like his style was so awesome but some people didnt get to see it because I forgot to tag!! So I was sooo happy when he submitted more pics! So lets try this again!

Meet Michael de Guzman
Age: 20
Occupation: LVN
Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA (SoCal Born & Raised)
Instagram: @michaelDominick
Facebook: Michael de Guzman
Project In Progress: http://www.creativecloset.bigcartel.com/ Still under maintenance but this is my new up and coming baby. Lol Right now it is focusing on Women but will soon evolve to Men but a lot of pieces are Unisex. Main pieces include harem pants, custom beanies, bandeaus, and high waisted shorts. More to come of course. Also in the same shop includes its own vintage shop which includes crazy retro prints. Instagram: @creativecloset. Promote Please!!! I would really love for the name to get out there. It just started but hopefully it will be the next best thing in the Urban Fashion District. :)



Every month there is a new magazine with the newest diet rage (which is usually unhealthy), photos of what women are “supposed” to look like, & yet nothing about taking care of your body from the inside out. So many women (& men) nearly kill ourselves to attain some sort of ideal of “beauty” because we are told that’s what you do. Everywhere you go- tv, radio, billboards, etc.-we are bombarded with how to “lose weight quick” without fixing the real issues. Yet, women like me, (& countless others) who actually know what it’s like to love yourself (most days) get ridiculed for being confident AND over a size 16,18,20. Heaven forbid anyone that isn’t fit for the pages of a “mainstream” magazine have any opinion on how important it is to take care of your mind AND body. All of my role models might not seem like the healthiest people on the outside, but they have it together on the inside. They know what it’s like to actually love themselves and love life, in whatever form that means. I would much rather see that everywhere I turn instead of someone who thinks you can take a diet pill & slap lipstick on to fix a problem.. but that’s just me.


A recent editorial I styled on plus size menswear.

Modelled by Scott Lee Holloway

Photoraphy by Charlotte Ridings

Styled by Jazmin Rickards

Thanks to Stacey Lynch, Donna Anderson & Harriet Murrin


#fatfeb #fatshion #fatshionfebruary Day 24.

Just a head’s up.


I am gonna be liveblogging the Oscars tomorrow night during the ceremony. So if you want some laughs, some sass, and a lot of swear words, come hang out on by blog.


You said it, Mr. Z. You said it.

The liveblogging should start at around 7 just in time for the red carpet/pre-show/smile-and-wave-show. Just an fyi.