Height: 6ft2 - Waist: 38/40 - Chest: 50/52 (XL -  XXL)

Forest Green Plaid Shirt - The Gap L

Bleach Tshirt (made by myself) Black Tshirt from Jacamo size L

Light Blue Skinny Jeans - Burton 40”

Black Lace Up Canvas Doc Martens size 10 (very old) 

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Height: 6ft2 - Waist: 38/40 - Chest: 50/52 (XL -  XXL)

Denim Shirt Size XL from Gap

Striped Jersey Tshirt XXL from Red Herring

Forest Green Track Pants 38” Waist from H&M 

Shoes Vans Paisley Edition size 11


this is how we do it by montell jordan plays in the distance.

Glasses: Ray-ban Wayferer

Shirt: Ralph Lauren- Vintage

Pants: Zumiez (36in.)

Belt: Generic

Ivan/ 21/ Philippines/ 5’5”/ 230lbs/ XL

From top to bottom:

Tshirt: Hanes-  4x

Button down: K-Mart- 4x

Glasses: Jeepers Peepers- sold through (ASOS)

Shorts: Levis ( cut them up myslelf) -58

Sneakers: Converse Hi-Top Mono in Charcoal Green -Size (12)

TUMBLR NAME: Adydelv87


Heads up guys.  Body shaming doesn’t just happen to women.  Recently, baseball player Prince Fielder stripped down for ESPN’s Body issue and here are the comments that accompanied.  Now, I will acknowledge that these are all male contributes, but it’s still shining a light on fat shaming for men, and how athletes (and anyone who poses nude) are socially expected to be perfect.

I’m not going to downplay the amount of shit women get on their bodies, but I would like to point out that this made news today.

Hat: Obey

Glasses: Generic

Jacket: Terranova

Shirt: Forever21 (Black x Grey Baseball shirt)

Cargo Pants: American Eagle

Shoes: Generic Surplus (Jackthreads.com)

Farzin is a kindhearted intellectual, passionate about worker’s rights and fighting classism, and Prince Kaveh is completely smitten. Here’s the post on my blog about some of the reasons I chose to write a fat romantic lead.

Art by theloserfish on commission.

Climbing the Date Palm available on Kindle | eBook package from publisher (4 formats) | Paperback pre-order (also coming on Amazon by the end of the month) 
Sequel to The Second Mango

So from the head down:

Glasses: Nordstrom

Shirt: Destination DXL   Size (4XL)

Collar pins: ASOS

Pants: Destination DXL  Size (58)

Shoes: Classic White ASOS sneaker.  Size (12)


Knit- beanie: Forever 21

Glasses: Generic

Shirt: Old Navy

Watch: GShock (GX56-4)

Shorts: Target

Shoes: Vans



Like frick he is adorable what the heck


Corbin being rad as always.

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…..was WAAAAY too hot yesterday for these jeans. Tryna be cute. smh

Jersey: XL;  Hardwood Classics, NBA.com

Jeans: 38; Levi’s, JCP

Shoes: Nike Air Jordan I


dharmabeatdownblog asked:
Word up. Awesome, awesome page. I recently have become kinda disabled and in the absence of being able to write novels and shit have suddenly turned to other arts, one of which is fashion design. Right now I'm cutting my teeth on your standard skeletal unrealistic ladies (with design advice from my 5yo daughter) but will be moving shortly to more body positive stuff. The question I'd like to ask... what would us fat dudes like to see designed? I'm open to suggestions.

Glad you’re moving in the body positive direction!

Gentlemen, do any of you care to answer his question?


You’ve seen Chubstr’s Matthew Simko wearing the Perfect Cardigan from COSTELLO TAGLIAPIETRA, now learn how they get inspiration from Tumblr and what’s next for the brand in their recent interview with Kenneth Fish: http://bit.ly/1w8g1mC

Its gonna be a hot summer yo’

Tank Top: XL Holister [From Marshall] $12

Shorts: Plain ‘ol basketball shorts lol