Shirt: Ecko, Burlington Coat Factory ($12.99)

Glasses: Free


26/M/5’8” chubby and proud! low key fashion style today at an art fair. found this cool Texas company call Tumbleweed TexStyles that makes these awesome Texas based shirts and I thought I would share it. :)

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The shirt is from JcPenny and is a 2xl tall

Jeans are Levi 501 shrink to fit 42x30

Shoes are simple canvas shoes from Rue 21

Watch is a Neff Daily watch

Sweaters: Burlington Coat Factory ($25 each)

Collared shirt: Big and Tall ($35)

Grey shirt: Ecko reversed Burlington Coat Factory ($19)

Hat: Lids ($14)

Headphones: skullcandy Marshall’s ($29)

Glasses: Carrera ($140) 

This is the best!


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A recent editorial I styled on plus size menswear.

Modelled by Scott Lee Holloway

Photoraphy by Charlotte Ridings

Styled by Jazmin Rickards

Thanks to Stacey Lynch, Donna Anderson & Harriet Murrin






Promoting men’s body positivity. We all don’t have chiseled abs.

I appreciate this post. For many reasons.

been waiting for a post like this!

That first guy though… The humidity in the room just went up.

The last one in the first pic. Oh my!!! 

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My Name Is Premere. A Big Negro.

Hoodie: Staple Brand

Pants: 44 Levi Camo

Shoes: Black and White Reebok Kamikaze

Accessories; GoodWood Eye of the Pyramid Necklace, All Black Dumb Brand Rocket Watch, Nordstrom Frames. 



Love it!!!!!!! for big guy fashion


Distinguished NYC:

Who say men can’t pull off floral print?

 Distinguished in Tribeca March 2013

Photographed by: Drew Davey

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I’m a tad bit of a Hufflepuff fanatic…

A very under represented house! 


I just want to let ya’ll know I am indeed a Hufflepuff, and I approve this message.



daily reminder that

you are handsome

you are sexy

you are a king




Alright tumblr fam! Here we go!

I have 14 days to raise $8,500 for top surgery. I can’t do this without your help and I really appreciate anything you can give!  I’ve also created tons of fun perks (like handmade stationary sets! and zines!) which you can claim on my donation page right here:

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For those of you who don’t know me yet, here’s a little more information!

My story

Hey lovelies! I’m Myles and I’m a fem transsexual man hoping to have top surgery in March.  Because of the unexpectedly early surgery date, I’m now rushing to fundraise and could really use your help.  This procedure is both life-saving and life-changing for me, so please donate if you can! Every little bit helps and I am so deeply grateful for anything you can give.

Being “visibly trans” has made it very difficult to get and maintain jobs.  I’ve been let go from two jobs already for being trans, and I currently work two jobs just to cover my rent. I’ve tried hard to save money for surgery and I managed to scrape together the $500 deposit the surgeon requires.  But the $8,320 price tag for this surgery is way out of my range.  

I’ve struggled with dysphoria for a long time, finding myself in psychiatric programs because of the depression and anxiety it’s caused me, and I’ve been blessed to find so much relief since starting hormones.  Recognizing myself in the mirror for the first time is an incredible experience.

But I am still struggling everyday with having large breasts. I bound my chest for years, causing myself severe back pain.  Now I walk around in the world with my unbound chest and receive stares, harassment, and threats of violence nearly everywhere I go.  This surgery will help me to feel safe in public and at home in my own body.  

I know it’s super cheesy but I feel like I’ve been in a little cocoon all through my transition. For me this surgery is going to help me burst out of my cocoon and finally see my wonderful butterfly self reflected in the mirror!  Please help me make this a reality by donating and by sharing this campaign far and wide!

Thx for reading, you are all angels <3 <3 <3

Click here to donate to my top surgery fundraiser!

Click here to donate to my top surgery fundraiser!

Please read and consider donating or reblog if you can. Myles is such a special and important person to me and to this universe and if you have the means to, please donate, otherwise, please reblog this as a signal boost and tell your rich mates to donate.

Friends it would be amazing if Myles got to wake up to 1/8 of his donation goal completed!!! Pls reblog this and donate if you can!!

A fashionable man in need of some help! Please donate if able.


Remember when we mentioned how Nordstrom offers customers a free personal stylist? We met with one. Find out how they can help you find clothes in the sizes and styles you’re looking for:



Outfit of the Day. Jacket, American Rag via Macy’s, L. Shirt, Ralph Lauren, XL. Tie, Geoffrey Beene. Chinos, Target, 42x30. Shoes, Johnston & Murphy. Eyeglasses, Ray-Ban.

Hey I think I’m pretty snazzy looking

Shirt: Motivation XL

Jeans: Adidas (Marshalls) 40 x 30

Socks: Quiet Life (Can’t see but they feel nice on your feet :3

Shoes: Vans Size 11

Hat: Quiet Life